2″ Leather Dream Catchers 200a


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Leather Dream Catchers

Available in many wonderful colors and sizes these authentic 2″ Leather Dream Catchers make a wonderful gift. Honestly if you are looking for a Dream Catcher, we have the perfect Leather Dream Catcher for you. First off our Dream catchers are hand made from the best materials. We start with Soft yet durable leather. Secondly we adorn each Dream Catcher with real feathers, natural stone pieces, and beautiful glass beads. Finally you get to pick between black, dark green, lavender, mint, palomino, purple, red, royal blue, rust, turquoise, and white. All of our dream catchers are unique, just like you.

a tradition for generations…

For many generations Native American people have practiced the art of making Dream Catchers. They believe in the Dream Catchers ability to safeguard you while you sleep. According to the legend the God Iktomi gave the Dream Catcher to the children of the Earth. He gave them the Dream Catcher so they would be protected from their bad dreams. While at the same time it is supposed to catch your good dreams so that you can learn from the wisdom found therein. Whether you believe in the power of the Dream Catcher or you are just looking for a beautiful work of art to adorn your wall. You are in the right place. Hear at Alaskan Reflections we strive to find wonderful examples of Alaska’s Heritage. These Dream Catchers are so beautiful and captivating that you will want to own the whole collection. Start your Leather Dream Catcher collection today.

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2 × .5 in
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Black, Dark Green, Lavender, Mint, Palomino, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Rust, Turquoise, White


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