6″ Fur Dream Catcher (Mink)



Fur Dream Catcher

These authentic 6″ fur Dream Catchers are truly a work of art. With a truly authentic look these Genuine Fur Dream Catchers are a wonderful addition to any home. Wrapped in soft fur and accented with leather. These rustic Dream catchers have a look that is truly authentic. Each Fur Dream catcher is adorned with Feathers and leather and glass beads and has a truly genuine feel. Each one is reminiscent of the great wild north and made from all natural ingredients. As a result these Dream Catchers make a wonderful gift. You will want to buy everyone for your collection.

The Legend of the Dream Catcher…

The Legend of the Dream catcher is an old tale about the Spider God Iktomi. Iktomi gave the Dream catcher to children of man, and he told them that the Dream Catcher would watch over them as they sleep. He told his people that the Dream Catcher would catch the good dreams. These good Dreams were visions of the future. These visions would benefit them if they heeded their message. In addition the Dream catcher would filter out the bad dreams letting them slip through the net and banishing them. These authentic Fur Dream catchers capture the spirit of that first Dream Catcher Iktomi gave to the children of man. Make one of these wonderful Dream catchers yours today and it can watch over you as you sleep enjoying sweet dreams.

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Weight 2.8 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × .5 in


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