Halibut Key Ring 804


Carved Bone Halibut Key Chain made by native Alaskan Artisans.


Carved Bone Halibut Key Ring.

Honestly everybody who is a fan of Alaska seems to love this unique Carved Bone Halibut Key Ring. In fact this sturdy Carved Bone Halibut Key Ring screams Alaska. If you have a little piece of Alaska in your heart and you wish to share it with everybody. Look no further than here. In addition these wonderful gifts are decorated with unique carved bone charms that come in many different styles. Each one is carved from real bone. These carved bone Halibut charms are accompanied by brilliant glass beads and beautiful frosted sea glass beads.

a key chain to suit any tasteā€¦

In all honesty you will find that each of these Rustic Key Chains is different and unique. First on the list is this Carved Bone Halibut Key Ring with Carved Bone Charm. The Halibut Key Ring is an age old symbol of the sea and its mysteries, brought to life in this rustic hand carved bone fetish. Each bone fetish is hand carved and unique making each Key Chain unique.

Furthermore this useful carved bone key chain. Besides that, each Key Chain has a bead made from Sea Glass which has been tumbled along the floor of some great body of water. Each piece of Sea Glass is rolled back and forth for decades until it forms into sparkling gems of color. Finally the Sea Glass beads are accompanied by colorful decorative glass bead accents. All of these elements come together to form this wonderful work of Alaskan inspired art. Honestly these unique key chains will surely be the jewel of your collection. I am sure you will want to collect them all.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × .5 in


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