Wolf Letter Opener L01


Carved Bone Wolf Letter Opener.


Carved Bone Wolf Letter Opener

Are looking for a gift that captures the spirit of Alaska?  Look no further than this handsome Carved Bone Wolf Letter Opener.  This awesome Letter Opener is hand carved in the likeness of the Wolf. The Wolf is a popular spirit totem in Alaskan Culture. Besides being handmade and carved from bone this amazing carved bone letter opener is a one of a kind gift. A gift that has the distinctive feel of Alaska and its culture. Moreover this letter opener is a stylish keepsake. An heirloom that will stay in the family for years. Honestly this Carved Bone Wolf Letter Opener would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s home office.

Wolf Letter Opener made from carved bone.

The Wolf Symbol.

In Alaskan culture the Wolf Symbol represents loyalty. It also represents strong family ties, good communication, education, understanding and intelligence. Moreover of all land animals the Wolf has the strongest supernatural powers. It is also the most accomplished hunter. Therefore the wolf is considered a powerful totem to the Alaskan people. That is what makes this Letter Opener a must for any serious collector.

a unique piece of Alaskan art.

These wonderful Carved Bone Wolf Letter Openers make a wonderful gift. You can buy one or collect the whole set. Buy one today for somebody you love. In addition each one is a unique hand carved bone work or art. Besides being hand carved in bone each piece is stunning and unique. You will fall in love with these rustic designs that capture the spirit of the North. Honestly you will want to own each one of these unique Letter Openers that capture that capture the spirit of wild Alaska.

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Weight 1.1 oz
Dimensions 7 × 1 × .5 in


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