Hammered Copper Wolf Earrings CHWE


Hammered Copper wolf earrings with copper ear wires and Sterling Silver riveted heart.


Hammered Copper Wolf Earrings

Jewelry lovers will love this stunning Hammered Copper Wolf Earrings. You will want to collect each piece of this wonderful collection of copper jewelry. In fact every piece of jewelry features a stunning piece of Hammered Copper adorned with sterling silver heart. Alaskan Reflections carries Hammered Copper Necklaces as well as Hammered Copper Earrings. In all honesty these fabulous Hammered Copper Wolf Earrings with their dazzling colors will have you turning heads wherever you go.

a style for every tasteā€¦

A myriad of different Hammered Copper designs adorned these lovely pieces of jewelry. In fact this Hammered Copper jewelry comes in several different styles. A different lovely Hammered Copper design to suit any taste. Hand made jewelry hammered from stunning copper is very sought after by jewelry aficionados. Honestly you will want to collect each dazzling piece in this wonderful collection. In addition these beautiful hammered copper pieces are adorned with
sterling silver heart. These Hammered Copper pieces of jewelry will dazzle your friends and help you carry that spirit of Alaska with you wherever you go.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 3 × .5 in


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