Wind Chimes with Carved Bone Polar Bear 1202


Wind Chimes with Carved Bone Polar Bear. Available with either Crystal, Turquoise, Jade, or Lapis colored Pendants.

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Wind Chimes with Carved Bone Polar Bear

Made with a hand carved Bone Pendant depicting the mysterious Polar bear. These Wind Chimes with Carved Bone Polar Bear charms are wonderful additions to any home or garden. Each one is adorned with a wonderful hand carved bone Polar Charm. In addition they are decorated with bits of sea glass and lovely colored glass beads. Pieces of real shed antlers also help make up these wind chimes. These chimes will catch the wind and sing songs to you of the great white north. These Wind Chimes with Carved Bone Polar Bear will delight you with their gentle chimes. In the evening when the wind blows from the north they may play you a tune that reminds you of Alaska. In all honesty you will want a few for your own home. You may also want to give a set of these wonderful wind chimes to someone special.

Carved Bone Wind Catchers

When one speaks on the subject of Wind Chimes, one must assuredly mention these Wind Chimes. In all honesty if you are looking for a unique gift that screams Alaska try one of our Carved Bone Wind chimes. These wonderful Wind Chimes are made with pieces of Shed Antlers. They are also adorned with stunning Sea Glass, beautiful bits of decorative glass as well as a hand carved bone charm. The Bone Charms are hand carved and depict symbols of the Alaskan way of life. Each wind chime is completely unique and made from materials that can be found in Alaska. A beautiful addition to any home or garden. These wonderfully colorful Wind Chimes will delight you for years to come. Watch as the brilliant rays of the sun reflect the light and send it back in brilliant colors as it twists lazily in the breeze.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in
Wind Chimes

Crystal, Jade, Lapis, Turquoise


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