Antler Handle Knives

Antler Handle KnivesAntler Handle Knives are for the rugged adventurer in your life. As a matter of fact we have the most amazing antler handled knives and daggers online. Our Antler handled Cutlery, and antler handled knives make a truly unique gift for the outdoors man in your life.

Our Antler handled knives and daggers come in all shapes and sizes. In other words take a look and you will see Alaskan Reflections has something for everyone. Whether you are a discerning sportsman or just an avid collector you will find some truly unique additions to any knife collection.

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Antler Handled Ulu Knives

Our Antler Handle Knives are great. However if you are looking for something truly unique that screams Alaska then you should try one of our antler handled ulu knives. More commonly known as skinning knives. I think you will find these wonderful handcrafted ulu knives are an Alaskan tradition. A tradition dating back hundreds of years. Used by the indigenous people of Alaska generations of Alaskans have used these ulu knives for skinning animals to make leather for clothes. These handmade ulu knives are part of an Alaskan tradition. A tradition passed down from generation to generation. With this in mind you should make one of these wonderful ulu knives part of your story. Maybe someday you can pass it to down to somebody you cherish.

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