Antler Handle Ulus

Customers looking for a truly unique gift that screams Alaska? Then try one of our antler handle ulus, or “skinning knives”. In other words these wonderful handcrafted ulu knives are part of an Alaskan tradition.  In all honesty these Ulu knives are part of a tradition dating back for generations. What is more Ulu Knives are used  by the indigenous people of Alaska even still today. Moreover ulu knives are used for skinning animals to make leather for clothes. A tradition that is part of the Alaskan way of life.

Antler Handle Knives

an Alaskan tradition for generations…

To tell the truth these handmade ulu knives are part of an Alaskan tradition.  A tradition passed down generation after generation. These truly unique knives are made with a real antler for a handle. In fact this is a long standing tradition among Alaska hunters. Make one of these wonderful ulu knives part of your story, and someday you can pass it to down to somebody you cherish.

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