Carved Bone Gifts

We have Employees that scour the great northern territory to bring you items that truly represent Alaska and its rich heritage. In this tradition we bring you many unique carved bone gifts. First off we have carved bone hair sticks. Secondly we carry carved bone key chains.  Finally carved bone zipper pulls. These carved bone items are unique and they will surely make a wonderful conversation starter for years to come.

Bone Hair Sticks

At Alaskan Reflections we have an elegant collection of Carved Bone Hair Sticks. Moreover Hair Sticks are always in style. Every hair stick is comprised of and elegant shaft of ivory colored bone, and adorned with a wonderful carved bone charm. In addition the bone charms are surrounded by frosted sea glass beads and brilliant glass accent beads. Honestly these carved bone hair sticks will make a fashion statement wherever you go.

Carved Bone Hair Sticks

Bone Key chains

Second on the list we have these whimsical carved bone key chains. These key chains scream Alaska. These wonderful key chains are decorated with unique carved bone charms that come in several different styles. Styles ranging from a playful dolphin, to a majestic eagle carved in real bone. We have a carved bone key chain for every taste. In addition the carved bone charms are accompanied by brilliant glass beads and beautiful frosted sea glass beads.

Bone Zipper Pulls

Finally we have the Carved Bone Zipper Pulls. These Zipper Pulls will be turning heads wherever you go. These wonderfully unique zipper pulls are adorned with real carved bone charms that come in many unique styles. From the majestic polar bear to the Alaskan Salmon, consequently there is something for every taste. We also have a real Wolf Tooth zipper pull for the adventurer at heart. In summary these stylish zipper pulls are also decorated with frosted sea glass beads and shimmering glass beads.  These stylish zipper pulls will be turning heads wherever you go.

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