Hair Sticks

It is a known fact that Hair Sticks never go out of style. These elegant Carved Bone Hair Sticks will be turning heads everywhere you go. Made from a shaft of real bone and adorned with a carved bone fetish. These unique gifts are one of a kind. I predict you will not be happy with just one of these lovely pieces of art. True collectors will want to own the whole collection.

a Hair Stick to suit any taste…

In all honesty you will find that each piece is different and unique. First on the list are a collection of bears. We have Brown Bear, Polar Bear and Zuni bear carved bone charms. Second on the list are the aquatic denizens of the great white north. Customers will love the playful Dolphin as well as the Salmon, Halibut and Whale Tail charms. Third on the list is the majestic eagle. See the Eagle brought to life in this hand carved bone charm. Fourth up is the Real Wolf Tooth Hair Stick. You heard me. This Beautiful accessory is adorned with a Real Wolf Tooth. This piece is for the lady who has a little wild side to her. Finally we have Hair Sticks adorned with beautiful Sea Glass. These wonderful works of art come in many wonderful colors. Start your Carved Bone Hair Stick collection today!

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