Sea Glass Jewelry

Like lost pirate treasure, Sea Glass is very sought after and loved for its beauty. Here at Alaskan Reflections we have taken that treasure and transformed it into the loveliest Sea Glass Jewelry. Customers who are fans of Sea Glass will want to buy every piece of this lovely and mysterious jewelry. Sea Glass jewelry with its brilliant yet soft colors reminds us of the sea and her mysteries.

a treasure formed over decades…

Tumbled for decades along the bottom of the water, Sea Glass spills out onto the shore like beautiful jewels. In fact this phenomenon is created by pieces of glass being slowly worn down. Tumbled over and over for decades by the motion of the water. Like a pearl slowly formed for years by an oyster. Finally these beautiful jewels are transformed into the most exquisite jewelry just for you. Feel the spirit of the waters move through you while you wear this beautiful jewelry and feel renewed.

At Alaskan Reflections we have both Sea Glass Necklaces and Sea Glass earrings. These lovely works of artistry are available in sets or sold separately. Each piece is hand wrapped in silver and accompanied by Swarovski crystals.

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buy Sea Glass Jewelry online wholesale

In order to help you save money. We offer customers the opportunity to buy Sea Glass Jewelry at wholesale prices online. In fact you can sign up today for our wholesale program and before you know it you will be enjoying savings. Customers will be able to enjoy savings of up to 50% on all of our wonderful products.

Sea Glass Jewelry

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