Twig Dream Catchers

These rustic Twig Dream Catchers are a must have for any collector of Alaskan Art. Every Twig Dream Catcher is made from all natural materials. Every one of these Dream Catchers is a wonderful works of Alaskan inspired art. Each one is handmade and therefore each one is unique. First off each one is made from real wood twigs. These twigs are bent into classic shapes then embellished with leather. Each one of these works of art makes beautiful collectibles. Customers and collectors will want to buy every one of these wonderful Dream catchers until they have the complete collection.

in the tradition of the first Dream Catcher…

The first thing we do is start with a real piece of wood. Then we shape it with care using methods handed down for generations. The wood is then wrapped in genuine leather. The dream Catcher is stretched across the twigs in the manner of old. Then the Dreamcatcher is adorned with leather straps and real bird feathers. Finally we decorate it with beautiful stones and glass beads for that authentic look that speaks of Alaska.

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